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Recommendation @ Date Stock Recommendation @ Price CMP @ 29-01-2018 Remarks
28/08/2014 ISGEC HEAVY ENGINEERING LTD BB Code: IGSEC IN 2706.30 7700.00 I was tracking from 690
2/9/2014 Alicon Castalloy Ltd 170.25 680.00
14-11-2014 8K MILES SOFTWARE SERVICES LTD 150.00 780.00
12/3/2015 Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd 48.00 118.00
6/3/2015 INTRASOFT TECHNOLOGIES LTD (ISFT) 271.90 730.00
3/4/2015 SIKA INTERPLANT SYSTEMS LTD 120.00 230.00
25/4/2016 MEDICAMEN BIOTECH LTD 84.40 720.00
4/5/2016 Tiger Logistics (India) Ltd 130.00 220.00
4/1/2017 LOYAL EQUIPMENTS LTD. 38.00 65.00 X-Bonus
19/1/2017 Bharat Wire Ropes Limited 86.70 135.00
28/1/2017 OPINION: “The Rich Are Different Than You And Me, Because, They Have More Money.”
21/2/2017 CMI FPE Limited 596.10 1200.00
16/3/2017 Opinion: NIFTY may touch 10000 to 10500 level in 4 months.
28/4/2017 Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd 56.00 185.00 Based on HSCL I found Kesar Petro Ltd at 26, CMP 48

Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd ( BSE Code: 500184; CMP: 56.00; BB Code: HSCH IN)

Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd ( BSE Code: 500184; CMP: 56.00; BB Code: HSCH IN)

About Us

· Himadri Chemicals & Industries Limited is more than just the largest coal tar pitch manufacturing company in India

· It is a carbon specialist, developing coal tar by-products and derivatives (advanced carbon material, carbon black, corrosion protection and naphthalene)

· The Company addresses growing needs of sectors like aluminium, graphite, infrastructure, lithium-ion battery, tyre and rubber applications

· The environmentally conscious company has also invested in 2.5 MW of wind power generation in Dhule (Maharashtra, India)

Coal tar distillation



Coal tar is a by-product generated while processing coking coal into low ash metallurgical coke in a recovery-type coke oven plant. Coal tar accounts for around 3.5-4% of coke produced. Coal tar pitch is a complex chemical with 22 chemical and physical properties obtained through coal tar distillation, which involves the conversion of coal tar into a variety of intermediate chemical products. The residue is coal tar pitch, which is further processed into quality coal tar pitch of desired chemical and physical properties. At, Himadri, coal tar pitch is derived from the processing of high temperature coal tar using state-of-art technologies.

Grade Applications
Aluminium grade pitch In pre-baked anode and Soderberg in aluminium manufacture
Graphite Grade binder pitch In graphite electrode manufacture
Graphite Grade zero QI coal tar impregnating pitch In graphite electrode, nipple impregnation and UHP grade electrode manufacture
Mesophase pitch In needle coke, carbon/carbon composites, advanced carbon material and carbon fibres
Special pitches In refactories carbon paste, paints/ultramarine blue and water proofing, among others
Qualities and specifications

Binder Pitch of aluminium & graphite industry Download PDF

Impregnation pitch for graphite industry Download PDF

Mesophase pitch (under development)

Special pitch Download PDF


Pitch is marketed in solid and liquid form. Solid pitch is available in bulk bags and jumbo bags. Liquid pitch is supplied with the help of the Company’s dedicated fleet of specialised tanker. Himadri also has bulk liquid pitch terminal to load up to 6,000 MT at Haldia port and is currently constructing a new liquid pitch terminal at Lonkou port in China, capable of loading 12,000 MT of liquid coal tar and pitch.

Contact: tarproducts



Naphthalene is used in the manufacture of SNF, beta naphthol, phthalic anhydride, tanning agents, moth balls and domestic disinfectants. During the distillation process, approximately 8-9% naphthalene is recovered for use dye and organic compound intermediates in fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Globally, coal tar is the major source of naphthalene.


· Dyes and dyestuff intermediates

· Tanning agents

· Super plasticiser manufacture, as a raw material

· Pharmaceuticals

· Disinfectants (especially in households)

Qualities and specifications

Technical naphthalene Download PDF

Refined naphthaleneDownload PDF


Available in solid flake form and packed in 50 kg and 500 kg HDPE bags.



Different fractions of oils are produced during the coal tar distillation process ranging between boiling point 180ºC and 350ºC

Grade Applications
Light creosote oils In paints and asphalt liquefying, manufacture of phenolics disinfectants
Wash oil/Wood preservative oil In benzene extraction from the coke oven gas and wood preservative as BS 4164, AWWA C203 and IS 15337 (2003) standards
Anthracene oil In carbon black manufacture as a feedstock and in coal tar enamel manufacture
Qualities and specifications

Light creosote oils Download PDF

Wash oil/Wood preservative oil Download PDF

Anthracene oil Download PDF


Available in liquid tanker and 200 kgs drums.

Contact: tarproducts

Aluminium Industry

Aluminium is the metal of the future, combining lightness with strength, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. The widespread use of aluminium extends to the aerospace, automobile white goods, food and beverage packaging. Owing to the many applications for this metal, primary aluminium production throughout the world has been rising steadily for many years. Coal tar pitch is used as binder for production of carbon anodes which in turn is used in the electrolysis process of extracting aluminium from alumina by the aluminium industry. Aluminium plants can only be successful with binders of constantly high quality. Himadri is a preferred vendor, delivering high quality binder pitch (solid and liquid) just in time to aluminium plants.

Graphite industry

Coal tar pitch is used in the production of graphite electrodes (used in steel production) as a binder, and impregnating agent, increasing electrode density and strength. After the aluminium industry, the second largest consumer of coal tar pitch is graphite electrodes (which are used in electric arc furnaces). CTP constitutes around 40-42 percent of a graphite electrode by volume, with a large part of the balance being accounted for by needle coke/CPC (calcinised petroleum coke). CTP is used as a binder and impregnating material in electrodes at a high temperature to fill and cover pores, enhancing electrode life.

Infrastructure Sector

Concrete is one of the most important and versatile building materials of recent times. Himadri produces naphthalene-based super plasticisers that have revolutionised the use of concrete. Super plasticisers improves cement mix by dispersing cement particles, improving its flowing properties and making it easier to handle and feed to even the most remote corners of a building. These substances also reduce processing times and increase the strength of the concrete. With the construction sector booming, Himadri therefore plans to boost its super plasticiser production capacity and expects annual growth rates in excess of 25%.

Tyre sector

Global carbon black consumption is growing at 3-5% annually. Southeast Asian countries are growing at a pace of more than 6% annually. Carbon black is one of the main raw material for tyre industry and increases tyre grip on road. Its low resistance and minimum abrasion loss makes the highest safety possible. Himadri, with its latest state-of-the-art technology, is ensuring rubber compound with minimum grit and top ranging modulus.

Lithium-ion Batteries

Himadri is one of the few companies in the world to develop the technology to manufacture high-quality advanced carbon material which enjoys downstream applications in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are used across all portable electronic devices like mobile phones, video cameras, notebook computer and palmtops; they also find application in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. The primary batteries are replaced by high energy lithium-ion batteries. Toyota including many other car manufacturers has already begun to test the lithium-ion batteries for car start-up applications. Lithium-ion is a low maintenance battery, an advantage over peers. The self- discharge is less than half compared with nickel-cadmium, making lithium-ion well suited for modern fuel-gauge applications.

Power sector

Power has been universally recognised as one of the most important inputs for economic growth and human development. There is a strong two-way relationship between economic development and energy consumption. India has been traditionally dependent on thermal power, which constitutes about 63% of the current capacity. The balance is contributed by hydroelectric (25%), nuclear (3%), and renewable (9%) energy sources. The overall power generation in the country increased from 704.469 billion units in 2007-08 to around 723.794 billion units in 2008-09 (2.74% growth).The growth was significant for the hydro (8.38%) and thermal (5.57%) sectors while nuclear power generation declined 12.3%. Himadri is emerging as separate power division. A power plant of 15 MW is being set up with green and clean energy. The power plants are eligible to carbon credits.

Paints and coatings

Carbon black is a key raw material that enhances the performance of rubber, inks and paints. Himadri produces carbon black engineered to meet the needs of these end-market applications. Himadri’s carbon black can be used in a wide variety of coating applications. Although its definition is simple, a coating can be sophisticated in terms of composition, curing chemistry and application performance. Industrial carbon blacks are used in a variety of applications, including printing inks, toners, coatings, paper and building products. Purposes for using industrial carbon black include pigmentary, electrical, UV absorption and theological properties.


The Company has designed different carbon black varieties for various plastics applications. The range of applications is diverse but it is not limited to basic colour concentrates for pigmentation, electrostatic dissipation, fibres, film, pipe, UV protection/stabilisation and wire and cable compounds.

Dyestuff Sector

Himadri produces naphthalene which is used in products of dye intermediates such as H-Acid, Beta Napthol and reactive dispersing dyes. We use these dyes as colours in our everyday life.


Kind Regards,

Atul Vitha

CMI FPE LTD (BSE Code: 500147; CMP: 596.10 (As on 20-02-2017); BB Code: FPE IN)

Company Profile

CMI FPE Limited (formerly known as Flat Product Equipments (India) Limited) was incorporated in 1986. The Company, over the last 28 years, has acquired a global leadership position in the design, manufacture, erection and commissioning of Cold Rolling Mill Complexes, Processing Lines, Chemical equipment, industrial furnaces and auxiliary equipments for the world wide steel industry.

FPE was promoted by Late Dr. T R Mehta, a gold medallist in Metallurgy and a leading technocrat, both in India and overseas. Late Dr. Mehta has been internationally recognized for his significant contributions to the Steel Industry and India’s Export initiatives by Indian as well as International Trade related bodies/Associations. The Belgian Group CMI (Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie) completed the acquisition of Flat Products Equipments (India) Limited on June 25, 2008. Flat Products is now known as CMI FPE Limited.

Today, CMI FPE Limited has a global footprint across Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, North America, South America and therefore complements CMI’s global presence.

The entity employs around 500 personnel at its Head Office in Mumbai and two workshops outside Mumbai. These workshops are extremely well equipped with state of the art machineries and Assembly activities conforming to high quality standards.

CMI FPE Ltd has carved a unique niche for itself owing to its comprehensive design and engineering solutions using state of the art CAD / CAM software that are developed in close collaboration with its Customers and Engineers, thereby producing leading-edge customized equipments.

CMI FPE complements CMI’s strategy for growth with minimal overlaps in products and a good range of technology synergies. CMI FPE Limited is a preferred partner to supply innovative solutions for clean, reliable and efficient equipment worldwide.

CMI FPE Limited has at its helm, a team of professional managers who are committed to taking the Indian subsidiary to new heights of excellence, which is also a “Great Place to Work”. They continue to add value through their expertise and experience and keep upgrading their skills for utmost customer satisfaction.

Our employees are our main assets; CMI FPE therefore gives overriding priority to their well-being by providing a conducive and safe work environment where they can nurture and add to their skill sets, thereby optimising career & self growth objectives.

CMI FPE offers its employees customised training and assessment programs for their growth, based on training needs identified at the time of performance appraisal.

CMI FPE has in place a well defined system for individual KPIs for its employees which are linked to departmental and entity level KPIs. In respect of employees faring well in the periodic KPI reviews, every effort is made to provide these high achievers with international exposure (by collaboration with Europe based BUs on projects, participation in international sales and technical meets etc.), thereby preparing them to assume higher/ diverse responsibilities.

Products & Services



December 30,2016Bernard Serin speaks to Steel & Metallurgy publication during his recent visit to India for the ‘Group Strategic Meet 2017-2022’.

December 30,2016Bernard Serin speaks to Iron & Steel Review publication during his recent visit to India for the ‘Group Strategic Meet 2017-2022’.

September 30,2016CMI certified for performance test from TATA Steel Ltd., Jamshedpur after the successful production start-up of its hot skin pass mill.

September 19,2016TAT METAL orders a full CMI technologies Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line (CGL)

August 10,2016CMI inks contract with Jindal (India) Ltd. for the supply of two new Processing Lines

August 02,2016CMI to supply a continuous annealing line for the production of tinplate to JSW, Tarapur



Loyal equipments limited is ISO certified, ASME “U” & “U2” Stamp holder, one of the known reputed company in India for design, manufacturing, supply and erection/commissioning of process equipments like Pressure vessels, Air cooled heat exchanger, Shell & tube heat exchanger, Storage tanks, Pressure receivers, Chimney, Heavy structural items, Skids, Base plates and other items for Oil/Gas, petroleum, chemical, sugar, steel, fertilizers and power plant sector.

Loyal Equipment is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company and follow Quality Management Systems for the entire business process right from the beginning to manufacturing/fabrication and installation at the site.

Loyal Equipment is having continuously long experience with EIL, GSPC, GAIL, ONGC, Ingersoll Rand, Linde, Dresser Rand, L&T, Reliance, ALSTOM, Kirlosker, Texas Southpiller-USA and others govt. & private organization.

Loyal Equipment  has worked under inspection of various third party agencies like EIL, Lloyds, HSB, BV, SGS, TUV, Clough-Australia, Jacob H&G etc. We are getting orders repetitively from our existing and new client that shows our quality and reliability of supplied product.

Loyal Equipment Limited was established in 1993 as a company “Loyal Engineer” in the city of Ahmadabad in the Western Indian State of Gujarat with set up of manufacturing of kind of fabrication Items. After successful year of “Loyal Engineer” It was incorporated as “Loyal Equipment Private Limited” in the year of 2007 with facilities of design and manufacturing of process equipments. And Now It is incorporated as “Loyal Equipment Limited” BSE registered company in 2015 with new goals & achievements.



LATEST NEWS: Xchanging Solutions Ltd has informed BSE that a meeting of the board of directors of the Company will be held on May 11, 2016, inter alia, to:

1. consider the proposed Delisting Offer and any other matters incidental thereto;

2. consider appointment of a SEBI registered merchant banker for carrying out due diligence in terms of the regulation 8(1A) (ii) of the Delisting Regulations;

3. obtain from NSE and BSE, the details of trading in shares of the Company for a period of 2 (two) years prior to the date of board meeting by top 25 (twenty five) shareholders as on the date of the board meeting convened and details of off-market transactions of such shareholders for a period of 2 (two) years and furnish the same to the SEBI registered merchant banker appointed by the Company for carrying out due diligence in terms of the regulation 8(1 A) (ii) of the Delisting Regulations;

4. consider the proposed Delisting Offer after taking into account the due diligence report obtained from the SEBI registered merchant banker in terms of regulation 8(1C) of the Delisting Regulations.


CSC (NYSE: CSC), a leading provider of next-generation technology solutions and services, announced on 5 May 2016 that it has completed the acquisition of Xchanging plc.

CSC and Xchanging together create a new leader in technology and business process services for the global insurance industry, significantly expanding CSC’s market coverage and enhancing the range of services to clients of both companies.


What we are

Xchanging provides technology-enabled business solutions to the global commercial insurance industry.

What we do

Xchanging brings innovation, thought leadership and passion to its customers’ businesses so as to enhance performance and value. Our values are embedded into everything we do.

What we want to be

Xchanging wants to be regarded as the best provider in its chosen markets by delivering services that are recognised for outstanding quality, reliability and innovation.


Opinions: Tiger Logistics (India) Ltd (BSE CODE: 536264; BB CODE: TGLI IN)

Tiger Logistics (India) Ltd


Headquartered in New Delhi-India, Tiger Logistics is one of the country’s leading providers of end-to-end supply chain solutions.The key to our position at the pinnacle of the industry lies in our experience, expertise and global reach. We combine intercontinental Air and Ocean Freight with comprehensive Value-Added Logistics Services and Supply Chain Services.We orchestrate the best services to suit your requirements, both operational and financial. We provide you the visibility you need for managing the dynamics of your supply chain, and the control needed to deliver consistently excellent performance, locally, regionally and globally.

Being a solutions-based organization, we optimize all activities around information, material and financial flow. We take time to understand each customer’s individual business needs and we provide globally integrated end-to-end solutions tailored to our customers’ supply chain management needs. We deliver highly flexible services through partnerships with leading carriers, as well as easy visibility and monitoring of freight movements.We provide integrated, value-creating solutions to the world’s major industries. With proven end-to-end supply chain expertise and dedicated industry specialists, the company fully understands what drives the various sectors, anticipating their respective logistics requirements.

Every new solution adds to the wealth of our experience, and therefore our competence and credibility. All of which explains why you’ll find the team at Tiger Logistics ready to apply their passion for solutions in support of your business. We are systematically adjusting to growing awareness of climate protection. In a time in which environmental consciousness is increasingly becoming a social responsibility, we help our customers improve their environmental footprint.


    • To be the first choice of global customers as a leader in solution based logistics service provider.
    • To be a good corporate player focusing on safety, business values and excellence.
    • No matter what the size, business and location is. Our endeavor is to ensure complete satisfaction to all clients and associates.
    • We are committed to offer cost effective, error free, efficient and timely logistics services using the modern technologies to ensure all specific customer requirements and expectations are met every time with quality.
  • In being committed to goals and achieving them our employees enhance self-esteem viz a viz our business partners and associates.

Core Values:

    • Honesty, Integrity, Fairness and Accountability is re-enforced in all our actions at all levels of the organisation. These are some of the words in our business ethics which we consistently and rigorously follow through our core values.
    • Dedication and Commitment to perfection is our Motto. Our die hard passion for innovative solutions makes the seemingly impossible to become possible.
    • Team Tiger aspires to outplay competition each day by day offering comprehensive flexible solutions to our customers with the best routing and pricing options. Our industry professional’s specialty is in detailing and they are committed to maintain consistent quality across all regions.
    • Our global network of strategic alliances and world class partners help us provide value added, cost effective supply chain solutions. Our pricing department capitalizes the high cargo volume handled by our offices nationwide in order to negotiate rock bottom rates.
  • We customize solutions to Control, Reduce and Eliminate risks.

Our Management:

Tiger Logistics was incorporated on 23rd May, 2000 by the C.M.D. himself. He has emerged as a successful entrepreneur who has received rightful recognition both at national and international levels. His vision has taken the company forward and today the company is listed on Bombay Stock Exchange, making it the 9th Indian Logistics Company to go public.

Mr. Malhotra is a Commerce graduate from Delhi University and a specialised professional in Foreign Trade from IIFT, New Delhi. He has worked in the logistics industry for a long time as a seasoned technical executive with strong operational, custom knowledge and related skills. He has a proven track record through his leadership, vision and understanding of logistics industry. His vision is to build Tiger Logistics a recognized leader in International Logistics and Freight Forwarding.

Harpreet Singh Malhotra firmly believes in “hard work is the key to success in life”. He has successfully dissolved the colors of bliss and camaraderie in the company enabling it to evolve the strong work culture, trust and transparency amongst the different departments of management. With “Never Give Up” spirit more than 80% of the employees have been serving this organisation since its inception. He is great with culinary arts and always adds the ingredients of Reliability, Transparency, Hard Work and Integrity to make the dish as desired by the customers.

Message from Chairman & Managing Director

Our company Tiger Logistics (India) Limited is one of the leading logistics service provider in India which is serving industry clients since last 14 Years. From that time our company is passionate about error free, cost effective, efficient and timely logistics services. To build skills, remarks, reputation and develop it through excellent remarks in collaborating with extensive consumer insight, relentless innovation and safe logistics. This is a powerful blend that helps us to excite and inspire our Indian and International clients.

The Indian logistics sector has faced significant challenges in recent years. As industrial sector is expected to grow in future with the recent investment policies of the government of India, it’s a big high five to the logistics industry to move up with the growth rate of approximately 8% over the next 3 to 5 years optimistically. Tiger logistics has also set up its targets and keeps aggressive intentions to achieve them with the growth rate of 25% per year.

Despite a challenging environment, we delivered broad-based growth and margin improvement by stepping up innovations in our work skills, while driving cost savings and operational efficiencies with even greater rigour. We have achieved the turnover of INR 1.47 billion at the end of the financial year 2013-14 as per our commitment of 25% growth per year. Our company is focusing to strengthen the brand values in order to become more efficient with meritocracy. This requires us to attract, enable, empower and retain the best and the brightest talent and build a multi-cultural workforce; develop leadership and succession planning; improve the agility of the company; and sharpen the accountability of our business units, business enabler functions, projects and individuals to deliver results.

A brand is revealed by its behavior and therefore our company provides sustainable living commonplace and work to develop new ways of doing business that will reduce our environmental footprint and increase our positive social impact. When it comes to the responsibilities towards communities and the society, Tiger Logistics understands and separately focuses towards CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability. The company firmly believes in working at the grass root level of the society from two sides; by generating employment opportunities and uplifting the poor sections by providing them basic education, distributing clothes, food and also giving donations in charitable institutions to stand with the sustainability part.

The task ahead is simple to state. It is to increase the competitiveness of Tiger Logistics in the market and to achieve industry-leading growth and margins. This goal will improve our sales effectiveness, augment our delivery effectiveness, optimize our costs and reduce risks arising out of many other external factors.

Air Freight:

With the globalization of supplies and maintenance and an ever-increasing pressure to cut costs Tiger Logistics’ suite of airfreight products has been designed to meet the logistics challenges our customers face every day. Our global network has the power to help businesses grow – based on years of experience and influenced by the changing needs of our customers. Regardless if you are shipping perishables, hazardous cargo or any commodity that needs to be delivered fast and on time, we have a solution for you. To streamline our extensive world-class service and make life easier for you, we split our Air Freight product into four service lines i.e. General, Special, Expressand Intermodal.

Experience tells us that the real difference in air freight is made on the ground. And we constantly upgrade and refine our work to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective air freight service. We constantly strive to expand and improve our portfolio of services to ensure that we stay one step ahead of the competition.

Sea Freight:

As one of the country’s largest ocean freight forwarders, Tiger Logistics offers outstanding, cost-effective logistics solutions designed to meet all sea transport challenges. The key to our position at the pinnacle of the industry lies in our experience, expertise and global reach. Tiger Logistics enjoys partnerships with the majority of the world’s biggest ocean carriers, these well-established relationships guarantee capacity and the ability to adapt to growing sea freight trade volumes, quickly and efficiently. We ship significant volumes every year, which enables us to offer you capacity, frequent departures and competitive rates. We also offer a vast choice of destinations from every major port in the world across both intercontinental and short sea routes to accommodate your needs.

We deliver highly flexible services through partnerships with leading ocean carriers. These well-established relationships guarantee capacity. Our employees are ready to guide you through the complex port layouts, regulations and cultural norms to ship your cargo from port to port. Tiger looks at a global network, service reliability, IT integration and financial stability when securing agreements with long-term partners.

Our customised services include:

  • Less-than-Container Load (LCL)
  • Customs Clearance / Brokerage

We also offer industry specific expertise in the following:

  • Automotive
  • Reefer / Perishables
  • Oil and Gas Logistics
  • Project Logistics

Tiger Logistics has its own Customs House Agent’s license. Our professional team has the competence to deal with the most complex international trade rules and regulations across the world thus making customs clearance less complicated, our team provides pre and post consultancy to customers and also provides them with the tailor-made and customized SOPs and value-added services during the entire process of customs operation. As a compliance-driven organization, we are positioned to understand and address the intricacies of trade regulations and agreements at the global, regional, national and local levels.

Team Tiger is equipped to handle the complexities of the rules and regulations of the Indian customs which sometimes can be quite a daunting task, and risky. Our qualified team understands the business of customs brokerage and hence can simplify your clearance process and prevent you from paying unnecessary costs. Our team understands the regulatory compliance of different countries which is critical in the handling of global supply chain shipments.

Our comprehensive line of customs brokerage services include:

  • Automated customs clearance
  • Classification and valuation expertise
  • Customized management reports
  • Customs bond underwriting

Enhance existing customs compliance programs, such as free trade zones, special regimes, border crossing and trade preferences.

We offer a broad range of services to ensure uniform, consistent & compliant trade activities, supporting your company in avoiding delays, fines & penalties Our expert teams and advanced systems ensure that the necessary government declarations are completed accurately and on time. As a compliance-driven organization, we are positioned to understand and address the intricacies of trade regulations and agreements at the global, regional, national and local levels. Tiger Logistics provides pre and post consultancy in various sectors to customers, provides them with the tailor-made and customized SOPs and value-added services during the entire process of customs operation in India. As a licensed customs broker, we recognize our obligation to act responsibly on behalf of our customers in our declarations to government agencies.


Cargo consolidation service provided by us are no.1 freight forwarder services in India which includes several smaller shipments assembling and shipping together to avail of better freight rates and security of cargo. Optimization of material flows and grouping per order, delivery unit or shipment is crucial for the efficiency of distribution center also known as assembly service, cargo consolidation, or freight consolidation. When orders are simultaneously picked from different storage areas, our logging softwares will assume the real-time and route-optimized combination of the order consignments from all warehouses. Our solutions also cover the management and optimization of the staging areas for packaging and dispatch.

Dispatch Functionalities:Team Tiger controls all material flows in the internal logistics consolidation process, from goods receipt to storage as well as from picking and staging of goods to dispatch. Thus, you can reduce your transport costs and provide store friendly delivery. Also you gain efficiency, reliability, paperless goods transport and high flow rate due to route- and time-optimized order combination and secured future due to parameter sable material flow control.

Order consignments that have been consolidated from the different storage areas are temporarily stored on staging areas for packaging. The real-time order combination guarantees an optimum utilization of the storage space. The integrated goods traceability serves as an early warning system for backorders like – The formation of dispatch units (e.g. packet, pallet, skeleton container), combination of shipments for different service providers (e.g. parcel service, mail, railway, forwarding agency), calculation of transport expenses and printing of transport documents (e.g. delivery notes, packing lists, labels, invoices).


We believe in “working smarter rather than not just harder” and this belief help us to provide most efficient and timely logistics services globally. For over 14 years, Tiger Logistics serving the industry along with passion and commitment of Team Tiger which mainly responsible for our continuous improvement and growth also incredibly increases customers faith, reliability and trust on us in the Supply Chain arena.

We understand your unique business needs and our comprehensive spectrum of services provide best technical support to your endeavor with reduce in overall supply chain costs. Our flexibility in Supply Chain Management starts from point zero and go through all the way till you didn’t get the delivery of your goods. We diligently work for our customers in project accountability, decrease in surplus inventory and control in inflated process of deliveries along with visible monitoring till final receiving of goods.

Global Coverage:

Our experience of Air Freight and Ocean Freight, combined with the global coverage supported by our widely spread branch network and integrated Road and Rail Network, provides an excellent foundation to offer efficient Supply Chain Management solutions to our esteemed clients. From these roots we have grown up to a stage where we see ourselves as world’s leading logistics providers.

Effective Solutions:

Our customer gets benefited from our expertise and experience in delivering effective solutions to the global supply chains of various corporations. You benefit from every new innovation, whether it involves a simple extension to our Air and Ocean Freight products or whether it requires a completely change in Supply Chain Model.

Offline destinations / Site Delivery:

We are specialized in delivering cargo to offline destinations in the world. It may be in interiors of Afghanistan or war torn destinations of central Africa or West Africa, interior Russian ports or offline/interior destinations in Latin America. Our expertise lies in delivering at project sites at various inland locations. We also handle material management at various project sites across the globe.

A wealth of experience – DDU & DDP and CIF Deliveries

At Tiger Logistics, we always keep looking and adding new solutions and methods to our process which further adds to the wealth of our experience, and it offers our customers a competitive edge in the market. We provide smooth and hassle free deliveries at worldwide destinations. We have strong network of overseas agents who are specialized in both sea and air shipments providing a complete range of services up to delivery site. Our overseas partners are proactive and offer a complete range of services and abide by the terms and conditions of the contract of DDU & DDP.

Special Case – Garment on Hanger / Fashion Retail:

Customized Retail Industry Solutions from Tiger Logistics We offer complete solution for Retail Supply Chain, our involvement refers to complete satisfaction for our customers. From Quality Check to Pick and Pack to the Last Mile Distribution, we handle it all. We encourage our customers to put the complete concentration in only one thing that is Production and the rest are taken care by us.

Tiger Logistics: Adding Tremendous Value to the Fashion Retail Industry:

  • Wrinkle-free delivery
  • Customized Transportation Solutions
  • Transparent & Integrated point of sourcing to the finished products
  • Delivery at retail outlets across the globe
  • Same-day sample delivery
  • Spacious, on-demand quality control areas
  • Garments on Hanger (GOH) and flat-pack garments
  • Buyer Consolidation
  • Pick and Pack
  • Sorting, labeling and re-packing
  • Direct to store deliveries
  • Full supply chain visibility
  • Reduction of stock level
  • Inventory and status report
  • Faster response to market demands
  • Re-Palletizing and shrink wrapping, labeling
  • Door pick-up and delivery
  • Customs clearance and documentation
  • International and domestic distribution
  • Inventory management
  • Management reports and cost analysis

Tiger Logistics is one of the world’s leading Logistics Service Providers involved in shipping of equipment and supplies for the Projects Sector throughout the world. At Tiger Logistics, we are proud to be known as specialist in project handling. We get involved in the project at the bidding stage and go all the way till the delivery of goods – It may be the remotest corner of the earth.

Our team of highly skilled Project Managers do a complete road survey to the project sites and understand the local condition in depth. We hire local expertise that help us to manage the most complex intricacies of the project with ease and help us to give real transit time for the transport of Heavy & ODC Cargo / Warehousing / Distribution.

We hire project specialists in foreign countries that help us to understand the trade regulations and agreements at the national and international level. We arrange security paroles and escorts for sensitive cargo. We use our own, heavy lift cranes, heavy load trailors, fork lift, off shore cranes, survey equipment’s, barges and various other handling equipment’s. We undertake project shipments on turnkey basis, and our expertise and experience in handling project shipment on an end-to-end basis gives us an edge over others. Project Shipments requires a very Spontaneous Analysis, Planning, Monitoring, Organizing and Perfect Execution of the shipment.

We offer a unique and specialized handling of various types of over dimensional cargoes. Tiger logistics began spreading its wings across the globe, striking success with major assignments in AFRICA, IRAN, CIS, ETHIOPIA AND MIDDLE EAST. We have rich experience in handling Projects of diverse nature whether they are Cement Plants, Sugar Mill, Hospital equipment’s, Boilers, generators, Textile Mills, Transformers, Power Plant equipment’s or various other projects, we have handled all.

Planning Capability:

With the expertise and experience in handling forwarding projects for the various industries, Tiger Logistics maintains proper coordination, perfection and accuracy in planning works for its customers. Tiger logistics always focus on delivery of projects at scheduled time and in proper condition.

For all heavy and large cargo we offer integrated turnkey project forwarding services and solutions for all our worldwide locations, be it Central, Remote or inaccessible regions. Our services involve a dedicated employees of Project Department are specialized in handling and management of all the activities related to project shipment. With a long experience and expertise, Tiger Logistics is able to control, manage, operate and handle projects on a door to door basis.

Detailed Analysis:

Tiger Logistics makes sure that every stage of the forwarding process is well analyzed, managed and monitored – whether it is to procure and transport components to major sites locally or globally. We also provide temporary storage spaces whenever necessary.

We have at our disposal; on shore-off shore Cranes, Pushers, Fork Lift, Ware Houses, Cabour Gangs to ensure that projects are handled with utmost ease, efficiency and safety.

The expanding list of satisfied clients reflects our ability to execute challenging projects which has been delivered consistently and brought accolades to the company.

Specialised Sector -AVIATION/ AEROSPACE:

Aerospace and defence companies face specific assembly and integration issues. Tiger Logistics helps these companies make the most of their budgets by offering innovative manufacturing and supply chain technologies to reduce costs, optimize the production cycle and secure the industrial ramp-up. Tiger Logistics offers clients deep global supply chain experience. This includes over 14 years of implementing manufacturing execution systems, supply chain management solutions and consulting services, such as production planning optimization and global lean initiatives. Complying fully with aeronautics industry standards, our facilities are perfectly suited to the storage and handling of large volumes and for value-added operations such as order management, quality control, assembly, packaging etc. With the globalization of supplies and maintenance and an ever-increasing pressure to cut costs, the aeronautics industry’s supply chain is currently governed by the principles of just-in-time processes and reduced repair cycles along with a need of global visibility on flows.

Tiger Logistics aviation customers rely on us for services in support of an aircraft’s life cycle. Our aerospace expertise is a result of our experience as a global specialist in this industry, thanks to our supporters of the industry – aircraft or engine manufacturers, after market players, airlines and aircraft operators. Our integrated solutions cover the upstream and downstream aeronautics supply chain:

  • Emergency aircraft repair operations (AOG management)
  • Handling of multi-supplier orders
  • Management of specific customs systems and regulatory compliance
  • Management of spare parts flows
  • Turn Around Time and Re-Engineering of transportation

The complex demands of the industry in terms of product variety and dimensions, the complex distribution networks plus stringent accuracy and safety requirements make this concept unique.


Tiger logistics brings unmatched expertise and innovation to defence and procurement in support of government defence programs, UN peacekeeping missions, and humanitarian relief efforts. Tiger Logistics has proved its efficiency and reliability in the field of defence logistics, and as knowledge based logistics operator, with the ability to provide custom made solutions, we are adding value to our defence clients operations. The defence offset logistics entails frequent to & fro movement of various equipment’s and parts from India and abroad. Therefore, Tiger Logistics developed an expert team of project specialists keeping in mind the industries demand and supply need.

Almost each and every country is in the process of revamping its defence preparedness and has undertaken ambitious plans of modernizing the defence and warfare equipment. The GoI, international organizations, relief groups and defence forces need partners who can move efficiently defence particulars in various challenging environments. As per the comprehensive defence procurement policy and procedures of GoI, many defence suppliers to India are now required to get some of their productions & services indigenized, as part of offset obligations. Therefore, Supply Chain Logistics for defence & aerospace would be area of opportunity for Tiger Logistics. Some of the best experiences with the nation, we are sharing below;

    • Ashok Leyland Trucks under United Nations peace mission, a help from India to Afghanistan during Afghanistan War exported by Tiger Logistics in the year 2001.
    • Airborne Warning and Control System (AEWACS) aircraft import from Israel to India for Indian Air Force in the year 2009.
  • Aircraft EMB – 1451 import (two times) from Brazil to India for DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) India in the year 2012.



Tiger Logistics India Limited specializes in frozen / chilled storages, transportation, warehousing, and distribution of logistics services for fresh reefer commodities, offering worldwide ocean freight services. We provide secure, sanitary transport by the highest quality refrigerated / frozen carriers for timely deliveries and greater product safety along with shortened delivery times which increase product shelf life. We maintain high level of automation like data logger / sensors etc. to ensure process follow up and managing crisis in well – defined manner. We are meticulous on stock control, cold storage and services like Palletizing, Sorting, Labeling and Re-packing.

Our Services:

We provide customised service solutions using unique consolidation / de-consolidation model with reliable refrigerated carriers at incredibly low rates and support it with outstanding customer service. Tiger Logistics provides refrigerated cargo service for all temperature sensitive and perishable goods. Temperature-sensitive cargos are shipped in accordance with proper specifications and instructions and Tiger Logistics ensures that delicate cargo like this gets the best possible care.

Our Specialty:

We provide the best services by using state-of-the-art equipment and proper management systems and by employing most suitable and experienced individuals across the globe. Our reputation as world’s leading sea freight provider gives us an edge over others while offering temperature controlled cargo services. Our flexible, effective and economical service provides competitive edge to our customers in market. Tiger Logistics is a Pan – India player with planned footprints across key distribution cities providing logistics for – Fruits & Vegetables, Retails, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Agricultural products.

Careful Monitoring:

High class quality assurance is a very crucial and important element of Tiger Logistics approach. The combination of cargo temperature requirements and climatic variations makes correct temperature control essential. We rely upon our experienced and specialized employees who always keeps monitoring of these shipments throughout the journey, continually checking to ensure that all the precautions are taken and requirements are fulfilled to keep the product safe.

Special Case – HAZMAT Shipments (Chemicals & Hazards):

Tiger Logistics delivers integrated solutions to industries competing to thrive in today’s global, rapidly evolving world where science and technology intersect. Shipping hazardous materials requires more attention to detail than transporting regular goods, answering the unique challenges of these sectors is our strength. Proper packaging is a key to the safe transport of hazardous materials. Leaking hazmat packages can pose serious risks to the safety of transportation workers and to the environment. Using suitable containers, sufficient cushioning, absorbent materials, and secure closures will keep hazmat where it belongs—inside the package. We pay special attention to the complex requirements which govern each transportation mode, and the rules may vary in different locations. As we know the compliance is critical; getting it wrong can translate into heavy fines, undelivered products, or lost market-share opportunities.

We serve the chemical, petrochemical, polymer, biofuels, life science and food ingredient sectors, across commodity, intermediate, and specialty chemical supply chains. We understand your distribution environment;first we identify which transport modes will deliver your products to their destination and determine the required regulatory steps.Our hard and fast rule is to document everything; detailed paperwork describing the contents of your shipment helps ensure proper handling and movement throughout its journey.Our team of expert marks and labels all shipments prior to actually handling the package, that the contents carry inherent risks if involved in a fire or accident. Remove all unrelated markings and labeling so that handlers only see relevant information. When it comes to chemical transportation, handling, and storage of solid, liquid, and gases, be it packed or bulk, hazardous or non-hazardous, Team Tiger experts are at your disposal.


India is one of the world’s largest food grains producers, the second largest vegetable producer and rice producer, making it one of the world’s agricultural powerhouses. The total food production in India is likely to increase substantially in the coming years which will throw enormous opportunities for large scale investments in food and food warehousing, logistics management and processing. Tiger Logistics Food Commodities business is focused on trading in various Agro and Organic products in India and internationally. The company has been trading & merchandising Cotton, Oilseeds, Grains, Pulses, Spices, Sugar, Dry Fruits and various agro based products in all the principal world markets and to the end users in major consumption markets.

We have tied up with several producers so as to ensure continuity in supply and quality. Our wide range of facilities enables us to offer a highly responsive and flexible customer service. This service includes deliveries in suitable packs to suit production needs, palletizing of consignment for easier and safer handling. Our customers include leading food businesses, flour millers, feed millers, distillers, brewers and starch manufacturers. To ensure quality, price security and supply for our customers, we offer logistical flexibility and bring efficiencies in the supply chain. We use our global expertise to provide them market insights, logistics management, price protection and quality assurance.

We connect with our customers at different points of their value chain and contribute to their growth by leveraging on our extensive global portfolio and knowledge base for their growth. We also bring in our unique value proposition through customized solutions. Our products are available in proper packaging so that they remain free from any kind of damage and further enhance its shelf life. Today, we have marked a distinct position for ourselves as leading freight forwarders of Food Commodities. Some of our wide ranges of product services are displayed below like Pulses, Wheat, Rice, Maize / Corn, Spices, Sugar, Dry Fruits and Agro products.



MEDICAMEN BIOTECH LTD (BSE Code: 531146) BB: MDCB IN BUY @ CMP: 84.40 Date: 25th April, 2016

Established in Dec.’ 1993, Medicamen today represents a family with a long tradition in the development and manufacture of quality pharmaceuticals for the service of ailing masses through medical fraternity to accomplish minimisation of human misery.
This commitment to quality healthcare is guided by a clear vision and an eagerness to accept competition & challenges down the line.


Right from the outset, excellence with professional integrity has been the keynote of Medicamen’s work culture. Excellence is thus reflected in its product quality, services & operations.


Medicamen has two finished formulation Plants-One at Bhiwadi (Rajasthan) and other at Haridwar (U.K.) The Bhiwadi plant is constructed in an area of 210,000 sq. ft. The constructed area is conceptualized on the block system comprising five block; each block has a covered area of about 20,000 sq. ft. The different blocks house different sections of manufacture viz. Beta-lactum (Penicillin) block, Non-Beta-lactum (Non-Pencillion Block, Cephlosporin Block, ORS and Oral liquid block, R & D quality control departments, store and the utility block. At Haridwar the company is having a single three storied manufacturing unit to manufacture Non-Betalectum range of product including Iron-Folic Acid tablets, ointments and lotions.

The installed manufacturing capacity per day of the plant is depicted graphically as under:


Medicamen is an active member of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII),Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association (IDMA) & Federation of Indian Export Organisation (FIEO). The company is also registered with FDA, Rajasthan and FDA, Uttrakhand (INDIA)| for a wide range of pharmaceutical formulations & is a member of PHARMEXIL. The management is actively represented on the various committees of FICCI, IDMA & PHARMEXIL.


Medicamen’s driving force is its highly skilled human resource base. Its team comprises 48 qualified industrial pharmacists, 19 quality assurance pharmacist & more than 100 technicians and workers working in a very conducive environment.


To emerge as a preferred pharmaceutical company in India with leadership in quality, market share and Profit by Inculcating a high performance culture. Following the highest standard of honest workmanship in whatever we do. Ensuring that the method we use is in line with the latest technology world over. Walking the extra mile to satisfactorily serve the healthcare needs at most competitive considerations, being the partner of choice for our associates both overseas & domestic. Ultimately, to uplift our obligations as the trustee of our customers, employees, shareholders and society.

MEDICAMEN BIOTECH LIMITED is a widely accepted Company in International Market specially in African, Latin/Central American, Phar-East and CIS countries. The Company has been accredited with registrations in Pan American Health Organization,CHAI formerly Clinton Foundation, ANVISA of Brazil etc.  The Company has embarked upon a massive programme of exporting its products to several countries from which there is enormous demand and enquiries for its formulations.  Over the next few years there is expectation of a huge spurt in revenue from export business.

Medicamen Biotech Ltd. has finalised tie ups with highly reputed pharmaceutical importers and distributors in Africa, Central America/South America, Brazil, CIS and South east Asia to market its products.  The company has a well equipped Regulatory affairs Department to provide the registration requirements for the Ministries of Health, FDA and Regulatory authorities of various countries.  It has a strong data bank for DMFs, BE Studies and CTD/ACTD dossiers.

Medicamen Biotech Ltd. is having an annual growth rate of around 15% and is planning to export goods worth at least 20 million over the next three years.  The Company is planning to intensify its activities in the product segment of Anti-diahreal, Anti-malarial, Anti-TB, Antibiotics, Anti-diabetic, Cardiovascular drugs.  Besides, the Company will keep exploring new molecules and formulations so as to meet the ever increasing demand of Medical Fraternity.  The Company is planning for pre-qualification of one of its product with WHO-GENEVA and the work is going in full swing.  The Company has long-term plan to enter the Regulated Markets like UKMHR and TGA.