Opinion: “Situation Is Better Than A Statistic!!!”

Opinion: “Situation Is Better Than A Statistic!!!”

I was trying to write from last 4 to 5 days, I tried very hard to find this, putting your thoughts in front of others with direction are also hard. I understood that from this. But, I found this. I am really very surprised; people are still waiting for down fall because numbers are not giving indication. I heard from many people they are asking, where are the numbers? And saying Market can’t go up without numbers, may fall like same as earlier 2008 & 2001. And market is going up without hearing that negativity.

But I am really very positive on market not because of I am running with trend but, remember those situations. Those both falls in 2001 and 2008 were different situations. Those situations are not here. I would like to share something which I read in 100 Baggers. I think this is the best match with current situation. “There is a Wall Street saying that, a situation Is Better Than A Statistic”. Relying only on published growth trends, profit margins and price-earnings ratios is not as important as understanding how a company could create value in the years ahead. India is growing faster than among and even can grow faster if policies problems can removed which are coming from old government from many years. We have a big domestic consumption story among the all others. Government have full power to clear all problems. And I have a faith that, government is on right track and if right track is there than numbers will be come out not today but tomorrow surely.

My last option was after FED hiked March (16-03-2017). I am trying to read again & match that with current momentum. (Opinion​: NIFTY may touch 10000 to 10500 level in 4 months. http://wp.me/p7kWKP-64 ). Now I think market is really waiting for some big trigger and that will be a big move and may be in range of 9850 to 10000 by end of June or first week of July and by the end of August market will be in range of 10200 to 10800.

But, Approach should be conscious and must stay optimistic. Don’t react as a blind. Need to check, Company can grow for longer periods. Management should be stronger for good growth and focus should be clear on business and aware about all changes in domestic and global technology and environment. We don’t want KODAK till bankruptcy or SATYAM COMPUTER with us. We need same like Amazon & Google. Our market can pay as same like “Baahubali”. Just focus and find out growth stories and faithful managements.

(Note: This is just my personal opinion only)

Kind Regards,

Atul Vitha


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