“The Rich Are Different Than You And Me, Because, They Have More Money” – II

OPINION: “The Rich Are Different Than You And Me, Because, They Have More Money” – II

Hello Everyone,

I was wrong. Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi didn’t give anything to middle class salaried public. But, I believe, Mr. Modi team have given a big hope to all Indian which are around 68℅ of totally directly or indirectly depending on farming sector and frustrating daily to get something which can provide equal chance to keep them in focus but not just for few development plans without knowing their basic requirements or subsidies of few thousands of crores just to keep on papers and spending out of those without any accountability. And this is without putting any additional taxes on middle class which are always feeling that, they are paying taxes to government for giving donation to Farmers. But after all, these all are currently looking mathematical techniques, because we all are knowing that, GST will bring higher service tax and after all we have to pay that only on each and every spending. But without official figure of service tax may little bit early. So without touching any big targets and without interrupting any big figure budget is very good as market had accepted with good hope. Hope about better tomorrow, better numbers and better business in India.

But sometimes, I am questioning myself, is this rally on hope only or on position too? And that’s why coming again in my mind that, “The Rich Are Different Than You And Me, Because, They Have More Money” to invest.

One day before budget, I was chatting with one of my good friend, and he was very worried over budget expectations and on capabilities on Mr Modi team. I was very surprised that, after Gujarat people are not able to trust on Modi and his strong understanding of ground realities. In Gujarat one quote is very famous, To build a strong building main base should be stronger. So these all are the same process for making stronger base. No doubt need more spending on education is must for making stronger base. And higher education is still very expensive so needs make affordable to each and everyone.

But currently sometimes feels, Market is running on logic not on numbers. Because, many big names and research people are feeling this market will fall sharply, earnings are not capable to keep market higher. Don’t know, don’t want to know in detail also currently because I think, they are left out this whole rally  in expectations of big selling in domestic and world markets, may be those reasons were domestic or around the globe whatever. And, people are still finding weakness. Are guys if they really want to weak indices than why they need to change scrips from indices time to time? They want to provide more and more strength to all indices.

I found one scrip in between these all ups and downs. This may have not enough base to give multiple folds returns but looks quite interesting as mining stocks performing well SOUTHERN MAGNESIUM & CHEMICALS LTD.

Once I heard from our one of the big players that, don’t think to buy a stock, think to buy a business which can surely change your mindset to look over a stock. So as per me, it’s very important to focus on being a great business analyst, not just a simple stock analyst or data analyst. And Small and micro cap or SMEs are directly working with big population from ground level. So might be require to understand those at micro level. So I always trying to find out good business which can provide returns in multiple folds. My part is to find out those stories at smaller level and I always tried hard with my imagination to find out new stories, if stock or management can’t deliver as per story or can’t convert story into numbers than better to exit as per price movements. After all price is God. And everyone has to respect that only. That’s why my stocks may not able to reflect good numbers in current situation or current balance sheet. But may provide good multiple folds returns in long term.

I want to add more on that, what matters most? So, don’t focus on business news media, stop watching stock prices day-to-day, today’s political unrealistic worries which are running around the globe, interest rates, currencies, jobs data, PE of indices but just keep focusing on market trend and on long term. If your business is able to survive with good quality and performance than your stock or story will out perform surely.


Atul Vitha


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