“The Rich Are Different Than You And Me, Because, They Have More Money”

​OPINION: “The Rich Are Different Than You And Me, Because, They Have More Money.”

Hello Everyone,

I really worked very hard for this title. I was finding this kind of title from last 2 to 3 days. Because I believe, Title is just not a theme or base of every story or a moral, but, whatever we all need and must to Inspire our hunger to achieve our goals in life.

And I finally got this in an email from Investing Daily By John Persinos. I would like to thanks him, for providing me a big chance to put my thoughts in fronts of you all.

Since 1997, I really like trading environment, all news or sentiment based ups and downs, tracking numbers and activities. Fast, furious & accurate type of work styles. I never found me unhappy with hectic works and in any busy days. It’s always like my passion and hunger to do more and more. That’s why, I always try to involve myself on daily basis to make trades, finding deals and blocks with buyers and sellers and of course, finding new stocks with new storyline.

So, after a long time, I found 2 stocks which had impressed me most in last few days. I am not here to recommend anything but just to highlight which comes around me from media channels and after that, I tried to check out on all different websites.

Out of those, one is LOYAL EQUIPMENTS LTD., for me very interesting part is that, when I checked their clients’ list. There is a BHEL in their clients’ list and many big players are there also. That was really very surprised me, because a SME player is serving to many big players in Indian heavy industry. So as per my hunger something unique is there.

Second is BHARAT WIRE ROPES LTD. very interesting part for me is that, this guy wants to enter in Chinese market, and we all aware Chinese market is very competitive for all players in worldwide. Which had given me confidence to track this stock. And I started to track that, and found that, in January month only company had announced two big orders of approx 23 cr worth, and in those orders one order was approx of 6.5 cr worth from defense sector also and rest are exports to several countries, after all these events stock gained Rs. 35 around. Because of this type of handsome up moved only, I am a big fan of small & micro cap and SMEs stocks from starting.

Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi will may  provide an opportunity to middle class salaried person to save more from their salary by giving big bang tax relief and those people may save that part at least to domestic Equities by SIPs so at the time of their retirement they may get a some good time over there. Otherwise interest rate are ready to fall by 2 ℅ to 3 ℅ more in next 2 year period. Which may give benefit on home loans but not to retirements planning. So we have to work more harder on saving and need good returns on SIPs.

GLOBAL, rally on worrying and more worried after every rally, always there as a part of human nature. No one can change it. After ignoring all past worries indices are making new highs. Because, “The rich are different than you and me, they have more money” to invest. 

(- From email of Investing Daily By John Persinos: “F. Scott Fitzgerald once remarked to his fellow writer and drinking buddy Ernest Hemingway: “The rich are different than you and me.” To which Papa Hemingway replied: “Yes, they have more money.”)

One of my good friend shared some data which was saying that, Since 1929 to 2017, 1929 and 2008 had took around 2 years to make rebounds in earnings. After that I was understood, how indices can manipulate trends, sentiment, behaviors and flows. Always try to find out solutions to save themselves is a simple human nature or tendency, Indices are indications of countries strengths, and FPIs’ fund flows in their country, so no one political parties can keep their indices in red boundaries for longer time. And nowadays whichever party had given growth path map they had got the power, so no one political parties can avoid growth path to be in system or power. Don’t worry about tomorrow, just keep on Investing in SIPs and make good and comfortable tomorrow. Your savings will helps you tomorrow only no one else.


Atul Vitha


Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. BSE CODE: 539799; BB CODE: BWRL IN; CMP – 86.70 as on 18-01-2017

Professional Profile
Welcome to Bharat Wire Ropes Limited. The word “Bharat” originates from one of the oldest languages of the world – Sanskrit and means “India”. BWR embodies the Indian ethos at its very core, and this makes itself evident in our indomitable spirit, passion for excellence, the warmth and hospitality of our staff, and ceaseless commitment towards fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities.

At BWR, we have one of the finest management teams unrivalled in their capabilities and possessing a wide range of industry experience. Fiercely competitive and totally dedicated in their approach, the team is ideally suited to lead BWR in its global ambitions.

Unmatched quality is a highlight of all BWR products and we take great pride in our capability to offer the best-in-class value proposition to all our clients. The proposed opening of our new wire rope manufacturing facility in Chalisgaon, which would be one of world’s largest, has generated great excitement and would give a boost to BWR’s overall capabilities. We are well on course towards expanding our horizons and setting new benchmarks in the wire rope manufacturing business globally.



Loyal equipments limited is ISO certified, ASME “U” & “U2” Stamp holder, one of the known reputed company in India for design, manufacturing, supply and erection/commissioning of process equipments like Pressure vessels, Air cooled heat exchanger, Shell & tube heat exchanger, Storage tanks, Pressure receivers, Chimney, Heavy structural items, Skids, Base plates and other items for Oil/Gas, petroleum, chemical, sugar, steel, fertilizers and power plant sector.

Loyal Equipment is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company and follow Quality Management Systems for the entire business process right from the beginning to manufacturing/fabrication and installation at the site.

Loyal Equipment is having continuously long experience with EIL, GSPC, GAIL, ONGC, Ingersoll Rand, Linde, Dresser Rand, L&T, Reliance, ALSTOM, Kirlosker, Texas Southpiller-USA and others govt. & private organization.

Loyal Equipment  has worked under inspection of various third party agencies like EIL, Lloyds, HSB, BV, SGS, TUV, Clough-Australia, Jacob H&G etc. We are getting orders repetitively from our existing and new client that shows our quality and reliability of supplied product.

Loyal Equipment Limited was established in 1993 as a company “Loyal Engineer” in the city of Ahmadabad in the Western Indian State of Gujarat with set up of manufacturing of kind of fabrication Items. After successful year of “Loyal Engineer” It was incorporated as “Loyal Equipment Private Limited” in the year of 2007 with facilities of design and manufacturing of process equipments. And Now It is incorporated as “Loyal Equipment Limited” BSE registered company in 2015 with new goals & achievements.