Opinion: Market May Remain Insane For Longer Time Than You Can Remain Solvent!!!

“Market May Remain Insane For Longer Time Than You Can Remain Solvent!!!”

I think market is laughing on bears right now and I’m also included in those, because I also have similar view for all world markets. And bulls are hitting to bears very badly. But nothing is in our hands, because in my mother tongue “Bhav Bhagwan Che” (“PRICE IS GOD”) after all which we have to accept in any condition.

I want to ignore this kind of market, because I am not really convinced with current rally of all world markets, but back of my mind constantly running something in my imagination which I have to share with you. Few people have the idea which I told them. I was bearish at night, I was bearish early morning when I woke-up, but I turned mildly bullish. When I was having my break-fast and reading an article about markets on Twitter saying that, Markets fell around 9% in Feb month, I thought this was big fall and because of this big fall, March will give some retracement and all world markets can give a bounce in March. And this is not first time I have felt this way. The problem was before I could react, market had retraced sharply. This is not first time I am trying to think out of the box and Market always respects and rewards out of box thinking. I am not born with bearish mentality, which some people are thinking about me, but am not born with bullish mentality either. I am not very famous in market also but trying to read all data which I am getting from markets only. And I am not here to prove that, I am right, but just reading what the market saying. My enthusiasms about all markets, so I am just trying to share my thoughts.

But, this kind of 13% up move from lower, that was not expected.

I am asking myself to again and again, what was there my mistake? I’m really trying to find out that.


Greater Downside risk likely, Global  recovery vulnerable: IMF


IMF Politely Asks China To Explain Exactly How Large Its FX Forwards Book Is?


Blindly Dancing At A Top: A Statistical Look At The Rally


I don’t want make same error again, because “Error Of Commission Occurs Which Errors of Omission Omitted”. Sometimes you can’t understand what is wrong in markets. If I am wrong than, where is PE?  Where’s the earning? I can’t look ahead from here. I may be wrong or market may be wrong either. Prices are reflecting I may be wrong somewhere right now.

Fed Chair Yellen has a mini revolt on her hands

I was discussing with my few friends of same industry about current scenario than one of my good friend told this title and explain same in one sentence (Market May Remain Insane For Longer Time, Than You Can Remain Solvent!!!) of today’s article. I really like that and agreed with this title so I am thankful to him for title and inspiring me also for writing my thoughts.

There is too much Debt in Private Corporates, Banks’ NPAs and Governmental Restructuring than also Commodities Supply, Oil, and Natural Gas, China, EU countries, leverages and financial stimulus again more the incremental stimulus. Nobody knows the answer of these all world markets’ direction and questions are again how? Why? When?  Time will only tell us.

So, we have to wait and watch for further directions from all world markets.

Take Care & Regards,

Atul Vitha

*** I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. Purpose for this post is strictly educational & information basis only.


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