CMP: 38.00

The name “Danlaw” is a juxtaposition of “Dan” (from Dandu) and “Law” (from Lawrence), and reflects the shared vision, mission and goals of Mr. Raju S. Dandu and Mr. Lloyd R. Lawrence; the longstanding colleagues, friends and technocrats who jointly founded Danlaw Incorporated, in Michigan way back in 1984. Danlaw Technologies India Limited (DTIL) has been founded by Mr. Raju S. Dandu and his associates as offshore technology and product development center to give Danlaw group a 24×7 market presence in a high skills environment.

     The Danlaw legacy bestowed on DTIL, an international presence, in-place quality processes and a network of stable relationships right at its inception. The guiding philosophy at DTIL is to constantly strive to move up the chain of technology and value, from services to products with strong R&D competence. This is the unambiguous roadmap of DTIL, constantly validated in its record of existence.

     DTIL is governed by an expert board of directors supported by a highly qualified management team, which in turn is supported by a world class HR, Finance, Secure Server Network Administration teams. DTIL is presently engaged in four IT and Engineering activities, e.g. Research and Development, Engineering and Industrial Automation, Information Technology and Intelligent Security. All groups are headed by high-achievers in their respective fields in global markets.

  • The Engineering Division provides embedded software and hardware solutions. Automotive software and services is one of the key focus areas for the division. The division has several products oriented towards Automotive Messaging Protocols.

  • The IT division develops web-enabled services and products ranging from educational products for challenged school children to management of mega municipal information systems.

  • The ISS Division serves the Intelligent Security needs for entry control into establishments and machines.

  • The R&D supports development of new technologies in voice processing, identification and Communication. It has developed algorithms for echo cancellation, speech compression and modems, etc.

     Core strength of DTIL is that development activities encompass complete project cycles from feasibility study to requirements, design, coding, testing, implementation and customization. This single-roof expertise has led to consolidation of existing partnerships and customers and arrival of new ones, which is reflected in the rate of activity expansion of the company as well as its financial strength. We are committed to keep it this way.

     Danlaw Technologies India Limited (DTIL) is a Public Limited Company. It is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchanges. It is also registered as a 100% Export Oriented Unit under the Software Technology Parks of India, Hyderabad.


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